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Medical Waste Disposal Connecticut

Connecticut has adopted regulations that determine what qualifies as medical waste, how it must be handled, and to whom the regulations apply. At Citiwaste, our commitment to following strict handling, storage, and disposal guidelines are tailored to meet the demands of regulatory agencies and to protect people and places.

Improper handling and disposal of medical waste threatens the health of health and safety workers, patients, the general public, and the environment. Both state and federal regulations aim to protect against safety and environmental threats from potentially harmful waste and Citiwaste is a reliable partner in that effort.

Medical waste management in Connecticut

Both state environmental and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations determine how generators may handle medical waste. Connecticut is among 24 states that run an approved occupational safety and health program; the CT OSHA program applies to public workplaces while the federal OSHA regulations apply to private sector workplaces.

Outside the workplace, the Department of Energy & Environmental Protection regulates acceptable means and methods to handle, transport, store, treat, or dispose of biomedical waste in the state. The rules are contained in the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies, which incorporates relevant sections of the Connecticut General Statutes.

CT definition of medical waste

In Connecticut, the state definition of medical waste is:

  • Any infectious, pathological and/or chemotherapy waste
  • Waste generated during the administration of medical care or the performance of medical research involving humans or animals

Regulated medical waste in Connecticut includes, but is not limited to:

  • Blood
  • Other bodily fluids
  • Sharps, including needles, dental carpels, or scalpel blades that have been used on humans or animals
  • Animal carcasses that have been exposed to an infectious agent

State and federal regulations apply to medical waste

Biomedical waste regulations apply to "generators" - persons or business entities who own or operate a facility that produces any amount of biomedical waste. This includes hospitals, laboratories, nursing homes, doctors' offices, and funeral homes. One exclusion from the regulations, however, is waste generated by an individual at home, although medical waste generated by in-home medical care such as by a visiting nurse, is regulated. There are also exceptions for generators who produce less than fifty pounds of certain medical waste per month.

Special medical waste handling in Connecticut

Connecticut biomedical waste regulations determine disposal methods for each type of waste. For example, while chemotherapy waste and pathological waste are to be incinerated, infectious waste such as sharps and waste generated from research may be incinerated, discharged to a sewer, sterilized, or undergo other treatment.

State regulations also require that before transportation, a medical waste generator must place the waste in a sturdy, leak-resistant container and place that in a distinctive red bag emblazoned with the universal biohazard symbol. Any person or medical waste treatment facility in CT must also obtain a permit before transporting biomedical waste and use a tracking form. Separate tracking forms are needed for biomedical waste and hazardous waste.

Citiwaste - Connecticut all areas served

Citiwaste is recognized as a leader in the medical waste management industry. We are proud to serve the entire state of Connecticut including:

  • Litchfield County
  • Hartford County
  • Tolland County
  • Windham County
  • Fairfield County
  • New Haven County
  • Middlesex County
  • New London County

Connecticut medical waste management solutions

Citiwaste serves medical waste management needs throughout the state, offering customized solutions for hospitals, physicians' offices, laboratories, and other biomedical waste generators. Service options include:

  • Compliance with OSHA and CT state regulations
  • Employee compliance training
  • Flexible pickup that can be scheduled daily, weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, or quarterly - even emergency and on-call waste collection
  • State regulation-compliant biomedical waste tracking system
  • Properly-marked disposable and reusable medical waste containers

We provide friendly and professional customer service along with competitive pricing. Our dependable custom-designed solutions fit facilities of all sizes and budgets.

To learn more about the benefits of working with Citiwaste throughout Connecticut, please call 877-535-CITI (2484). Our insured, licensed, and OSHA-trained professionals will help develop a customized medical waste management plan that suits your needs.

Medical waste disposal done right.

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