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Medical Waste Disposal NYC

Citiwaste provides streamlined medical waste disposal solutions in all boroughs of New York City including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island. As an environmentally focused company, we offer effective strategies to help reduce waste streams generated by the health and pharmaceutical industries, which produce some 20 tons of medical waste in New York every month.

Much of this infectious, biohazardous and pathological waste is generated in NYC metro-area hospitals, private physician offices, medical labs, dental practices, dialysis centers, and other similar facilities throughout New York City.

Our portfolio of services includes regulated medical waste (RMW) disposal, sharps disposal, pharmaceutical waste management, and customized waste stream management plans for hospitals, surgery centers, labs, dental offices, doctor offices, nursing homes and other businesses headquartered in New York City and its five boroughs. From our Brooklyn office, we deliver timely, low-cost and reliable services that aim to improve public safety, ensure regulatory compliance, and reduce environmental risks.

NYC guidelines for medical waste disposal

There are an estimated 36,000 generators of regulated medical waste in New York State, each of which must submit to the governing authority and jurisdiction of the New York State Department of Health (DOH) and the Department of Environmental Conservation.

The storage, treatment, removal and disposal of medical waste are highly regulated in New York City, which follows mandates outlined in both state Public Health Law and city Administrative codes. According to these regulations, dialysis or biological waste, human cultures, scalpels, blades, needles and lancets, and other waste that may have come in contact with infectious agents or considered biohazardous must be properly treated and disposed of. Hospitals, laboratories, surgery centers and other institutions that do not comply with New York guidelines in regards to RMW disposal face steep penalties of up to $50,000 a day and a civil fine of up to $10,000.

Since our founding in 1996, Citiwaste has established a strong presence in New York, Bronx, Queens, Richmond and Kings Counties, thanks to our strong commitment to cost-effective RMW management solutions. Superior customer service is the cornerstone of our company, which features non-restrictive contracts as well as on-call waste disposal pick-ups for facilities of all sizes.

Customized, affordable RMW disposal in New York City

Citiwaste is proud to offer quality medical waste management services based on the unique needs of each client. Whether you need weekly pick-ups or collections every month, our team of highly-trained specialists can design a program that suits your requirements and budget.

As a highly respected medical waste disposal company in NYC, we strive to earn your business each and every day. Over the years, our team has set the industry standard for reliability, regulatory compliance and outstanding customer service. Thousands of customers trust Citiwaste for their Rx, sharps and biohazardous waste collection and disposal that lets you track waste from cradle to grave.

Managing your medical waste streams is convenient and affordable when you partner with Citiwaste, which offers full OSHA and HIPAA compliance. For businesses that are concerned about medical waste removal costs, we offer free estimates on our full range of services.

Our medical waste management prices are completely transparent, and you'll never have to worry about fuel charges, environmental charges or other hidden fees. Citiwaste staff is trained in the proper handling and transport of sharps and biohazardous waste, and offers routine scheduled pick-ups in addition to a convenient on-call service.

Citiwaste serving Manhattan and all NYC boroughs

Responsible and safe medical waste disposal is our main priority at Citiwaste. To learn more about our services or to request a free quote, please contact our Brooklyn office today at 877-535-CITI (2484).

Medical waste disposal done right.

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